The detailed instruction about how to recover USB files or regain documents from USB with the best USB Recovery software- Wondershare USB Data Recovery in a simple, quick way.

Common situations of USB data loss :

  • 1. Can not find the documents in the recycle bin or trash bin after mis-operation deletion from USB flash drive.
  • 2. The documents are lost without reasons after transferring them from USB flash drive to other devices .
  • 3. Forget to unplug USB flash drive after shutdown of computers and some documents are lost.
  • 4. Virus or malicious softwares attack USB flash drive and documents remain under cover or be deleted.
  • 5. For the unknown reasons USB flash drive files become inaccessible.

Resolvent for USB Data Recovery – USB Recovery

A USB recovery tool is the most useful and easy way to recover files from USB. You need to choose the best one from lots of USB Data Recovery tools. And you should take many factors into account, like reliability,the speed of USB recovery software, ease-to –use, and a competitive price. It would be better if the USB Data Recovery tool could permit you to have a try before your buying.

There is a USB Recovery Software named Wondershare Data Recovery which can meet all your demands if you are using Windows operation system. It can help you to regain/recover documents that are deleted, formated, or of virus infection from USB. Maybe a recovery service company can also get your documents back, but the cost is quite high. If you are a user of Mac, you can choose this version: USB Data Recovery for Mac.

Please download the free trial version of the USB Data Recovery below.


Set up and open Wondershare USB Data Recovery on your computer (taking the Mac version as an example). You can get back all dropped documents from your USB drive with reliability and time-saving.

Step 1. Make your USB drive connect with your computer and then start the USB Recovery Software on your computer.

Data Recovery for Mac

Step 2. Choose the type of documents to be recovered

recover deleted files from USB driver

Step 3. Choose the location where you lose your documents from the USB drive (External removable devices).

Before glancing over the location, you can click “Enable Deep Scan” to start a more underlying glancing for dropped documents from your USB drive. So that the documents which were lost because of formatting also will be found. If you don't need the underlying glancing, just pass it cause that will take you quite some time.

Step 4. Preview and recover USB files by the USB Recovery Software

If you choose to start USB Recovery, you can't save those recovered documents on the same USB drive again. You can keep them on other external devices or directly keep on your computer.

USB Data Recovery on mac

Are the documents really removed from USB flash drive when you choose to delete them?

Do you think the documents that you choose to delete are out of your USB flash drive forever? OK, if you choose the correct flash drive recover software, the answer is not. Because you have great chances to do USB Data Recovery. Just remember that don't make any operation mistake to reduce the USB recovery chance.

Stop using the USB drive:

Remember that more operation you make before USB file recovery, more documents you will lose. So don't use the USB drive to save new documents or edit the documents have saved on it. Don't use the USB drive for any changing.