Nowadays, digital data becomes more and more important to people. No matter whether you are a student or colleagues, you will save lots of data to your digital device. Among all storage mediums, flash drives are quite commonly used to save files since the tools are so convenient to use. What's more, you can find flash drives are quite durable and you can carry them wherever you go since they are in pocket size! However, you should be aware that it is very possible to lose data from your flash drive especially when your data hasn't been backed up.

Once lose important and precious data from your flash drive, you must be quite disappointed, right? Here is good news for you: you can recover data that is lost due to accidental deletion, formatting and virus. To get back files, you just need a professional third party recovery tool for help!

When searching the Internet, you can find many programs that can recover deleted files for you. However, not all them can complete the task for you successfully and many of them have special notification. Since deleted files will be deleted forever once been overwritten, you need to complete the task in your first trial.

To provide you the best result, in the following passages, you can find detailed information about the best 10 flash drive data recovery tool. As you can see, each tool has special advantages and disadvantages, please choose the one you need according to your situation.

Top 10 Flash Drive Data Recovery Programs

1. Data Rescue PC 3.2

Developed years earlier, Data Rescue can be seen the best data recovery tool. with help of the program, you can recover deleted and lost files easily. In addition, you can also recover partition tables, complex Raid configuration and boot records with ease. What's more, the program can even detect your device and find out all mechanical defaults successfully. Thus, you'd better turn to the program to have to diagnose before you losing more important data.


One advanced feature of Data Rescue PC3 is to provide you a disk-imaging function. Accordingly, you can make a byte-by-byte copy of your important and precious disks once you encounter the mechanical failures.


When it comes to recover formatted files, the Data Rescue PC3 seems not so useful.

Rating: 3.9 Stars

2. Wondershare Data Recovery

The second useful data recovery tool I recommend to you is called Wondershare Data Recovery. When encounter data loss, you can turn to the powerful and professional program for help to get back lost files from your flash drive. For various kinds of reasons that lead to data loss, the program can get back these files for you safely and fast. In addition, the program is very useful to retrieve multiples of file types and formats such as audio, videos, email, photos and archives in one click!




Although the program is very professional and useful, you can handle it no matter whether you are experts or new users. After launching the program, you can follow the wizard in the starting window to complete the task step by step.


If you are experiencing the free trial version, you may find some functions are limited in certain degree.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

3. Recuva Recovery Software

When searching the Internet, you can find Recuva rated in high score since it is a superior data recovery tool than can recover lost files successfully. With help of the program, you can get back deleted files, such as emails, photos, videos and documents. The program is very easy to use and require no installation with the portable version.


Recuva is very easy-handling and can be downloaded in a small size.


When you want to download the program through the Internet, you may find the download page a little confusing.

Rating: 4 Stars

4. Wise Data Recovery

If you want to find a program to recover compressed files in a fast speed, you can turn to Wise Data Recovery for help. Through the tool, you can recover compressed videos, audio, photos and documents with ease. The program is very professional that can scan your device and show you the difficulty of recovery. In addition, you can find deleted files quickly since the program provides you an advanced search option. If you are tired to install the tool on your computer or the storage space of your computer is not enough, you can turn to the program since it has a portable version.


The program supports multiple languages for you to choose.


Since the program only retrieves files that can be detected, you may feel disappointed if your files are not detected well.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

5. Pandora Data Recovery

When it comes to recover files that are permanently deleted from flash drives, many people have tried the program Pandora Data Recovery. In addition to deleted files, the program also enables you to recover files that are archived, encrypted, comprised or hidden. In addition, you can search, preview, recover and browse files that are deleted from NTFS and FAT volumes regardless of types of the file. For many commonly used files such as videos, audio, photos and documents, the program can recover them from your memory card, hard drives and even recycle bin in an easy way.


Recover deleted files successfully before they are overwritten by other files.


The program can only recover deleted files for you.

Rating: 3.5Stars

6. iCare Data Recovery Software

With iCare Data Recovery, you can get back precious files and folders that are lost due to formatting of the flash drive, unintentional deletion or corrupted drive. In addition to flash drive, the program can also retrieve files from your SD cards and hard drives as well. However, through the program, you cannot get back photos since the program can only identify your photos while not recover them. Since the program is developed with a simple wizard mode, you can handle the program easily even you are the primary users.


The program is developed to support various kinds of files fully from your SD cards, memory cards, and external hard drives and flash drives.


During the recovery process, you cannot see the progress statistics in the primary window. That is the elapsed time or the size of identified files.

Rating: 3.5Stars

7. Undelete 360 Recovery

For files that are deleted either unintentionally or intentionally from your flash drive, the program Undeleted 360 Recovery is the best choice for you. In addition, the program can recover files that are lost from your computer, recycle bin, digital camera, SD cards and smartphones successfully!


Since there is a free trial version through which you can get all lost files without difficulty, you can experience the program before purchasing it.


Since the program may replace the first letter of retrieved files with strange characters, it will be difficult to identify your recovered files.

Rating: 3Stars

8. Easeus Data Recovery

Easeus Data Recovery is very helpful to recover files that are deleted from your flash drive due to reasons such as corrupted drive, accidental deletion, system error or formatting. The program is very useful and professional to recover files in several simple steps completely and safely. As to various kinds of files such as videos, audio, photos, emails and documents, the program can recover them completely from your PC, digital camera, USB drives and some other storage media you may have.


The program can be easily installed in a fast speed and you can experience an user-friendly interface.


It will take you a lot of time to scan lost files from your device than it will take to use other programs. In addition, you will have a spend the amount of $80 to purchase the program.

Rating: 3.5Stars

9. Active File Recovery Tool

The program called Active File Recovery Tool can also use to retrieve files that are lost due to many reasons from your flash drive. Active File Recovery Tool can recover your files in no time since it is equipped with fast scanning function and clear options. The program is now under development to provide you more features that can meet all your demand.


As to some deleted files that cannot be recovered with Quick Scan, the program can help you with the Superscan feature.


It is difficult to find some hidden features. The recovery process would be a little confusing since the wizard is not straightforward despite that the initial scanning options are clear.

Rating: 4stars

10. Active @ Undelete Data Recovery

You can get back deleted files from your flash disk and some other storage devices with help of the Active @ Undelete Data Recovery. By using a unique format specification – your signatures, the program can complete the task successfully. Also, the program supports multiples of file types and signatures.


Your deleted files can be deleted easily through the program.


You will have to pay for the program to use it.

Rating: 3.5Stars

Among all data recovery programs listed above, Wondershare Data Recovery can be considered the best as to the technical and object aspects. Although there are huge numbers of tools when you are searching the Internet, you can find the good famous of Wondershare Data Recovery among all electronic users. You can try the effective and powerful program to get back your precious and important files in several clicks!