In some cases, I don't realize the importance of the file until I have deleted it already and habitually cleaned the recycle bin. Have you ever encountered a similar situation? That is too bad, isn't it? Fortunately, there are two options to be selected. One way is backing up the files, and the other one is having a kind of data recovery software which will help you to restore the lost files easily. What's more, there are some software can help you to rebuild the missing files or folders according to your personal willingness. And with the help of the external drives or equipment, a lot of software can find the deleted files back.

Here, I recommend the top 5, Undelete 360, a kind of data recovery tool for Windows. It is well known by the people. The users who always use the regular software and in particular, those who often use data recovery software love it very much. Even if you have never paid close attention to similar software before, you may have ever encountered the data loss by accidentally deleting, which would really make you have a headache. When come across these issues, the feeling is very bad. What's worse, you may have to rewrite a large amount of data again. But take it easy, the data recovery tools such as Undelete 360 can help you on this occasion.


This software based on a different types of algorithm, can help you search and remove the files effectively. It can also fix the files or folders deletion which is caused by viral infection or software/system failures on your computer. It can apply to the computer and is also able to do the same thing with the devices such as USB drives, camera, pen drives, memory cards and so on. The advantages described above, make Undelete 360 become an effective data recovery tool among the uses of Windows and Mac OS. But it does not apply to Mac OS X, which has a large number of users, for the reason that they are not compatible. So Undelete 360 only can be used with Windows. But we have also found, selected and recommended lots of software for the users using Mac OS X. These software also have the same function that help the users deal with the data recovery simply and efficiently. Some of them are similar to the Undelete 360 and some even have better performance. Now, let's look at the top 5 tools of data recovery which can replace Undelete 360's position.

Top 1. Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

A simple tool, called Wondershare Data Recovery Tool, can be used to find out and restore all kinds of delete files such as emails, pictures, music and so on. The information may be removed for wrong operation, virus infection, system failure, even careless deletion. But it doesn't matter, this tool can fix all of these situations.

Customized service – It provides two ways for you to choose from. One is through using Software Wizard, and the other one is by pressing the tap of Manual Data Recovery.

Help function – You can find the help function in a drop-down menu, if you click on the small icon in top right-hand corner of the screen.


Top 2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill, makes data recovery not only effective on the computer, but also work on external USB drives. As for the files unable to repair, Disk Drill will try to reload or rebuild the data. And in most of situation, the attempt is proved to be effective.


Connection and scanning – Disk Drill is different from the other software for that it can scan and recover all the files on the equipment which are able to connect to the computer.

Cost – Disk Drill provides free scanning, but you have to buy a license if you want to recover the files.

Top 3. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

With the help of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, you can remove the deleted files from the system. If you want the data back after cleaning the recycle bin, this professional tool would help you.


Preview – First of all, the software will scan your system and display a list of documents, so that you can choose one or more files to be reloaded.

Cost – You only have the permissions of previewing the files for free, if you want to restore these documents, you must pay for the software.

Top 4. EaseUs Data Recovery

When you want to get back the lost files, which is directly deleted or moved from the trash, the software, EaseUs Data Recovery, can handle perfectly. It is not only effective on your computer when dealing with the data recovery but also works on external or connecting devices, such as USB.


Free Trial – In this way, you can try to use or check out all the functions, so that you may identify whether this tool is in line with your requirements or not.

Limited access – You will find the problem that some features are limited without permission. Although it doesn't prevent you restoring the software, you may feel it difficult to use.

Top 5. Mac Free Any Data Recovery

Mac Free Any Data Recovery is an efficient tool in the field of restoring the lost information. At the beginning, you may hesitate to try it out, but it is always proved to be helpful and you would buy more recoveries eventually. In such case, you may check out whether this software is suitable for you or not. There are many functions waiting to be used.


Efficiency – It can restore the lost information in a few minutes. What's more, you will see it to search and recover the files without any obstacle.

No help sections – Although this software has a very clean and friendly interface, it can do nothing when you seek for additional help. So if you encounter some problems, you have no choice except depending on online support.


There is a lot of software can be used when you need to recover the data such as files, pictures, videos and so on.

With their help, you can also get back the information from the external drives or connected equipment of your Mac. Some software is free or with a trial version, while other you have to purchase a license so that you can enjoy their services. In the future, if you deal with the issue about the lost document, just take it easy, the data recovery will make you feel satisfied.