Supposing one day, you're writing your term paper on the computer and suddenly find it gone by accidental deletion, how do you feel? Maybe it is an important and confidential document which makes you have already spent a lot of time working on it. The accidental deletion is so common that all of us have ever encountered such situation more or less. And what would we do then? Recovering the loss data becomes a difficult task which is hard to t complete. In order to deal with the matter, this article provides three methods about recovering the lost files due to accidental deletion. You can contrast these ways to find out which one is more in line with your requirements.

The function of CTRL+Z

On the keyboard, the shortcut key to undo delete is CTRL+Z. But unfortunately, this function is not widely used since the number of its users is limited. Maybe they take no notice of its importance, even don't know what this function is used for. For example, if you want to select multiple files, as long as you hold the CTRL key, and then use the mouse to click the files as you want. At this time, if you press the Delete key when you least expect, then you will realize that all the selected files disappear immediately without your confirmation. In this situation, the thing you most want to do is finding the lost data back as soon as possible. Many tools are easy getting to help you rebuild the missing files, but is it really necessary to do so?

All you have to do is hitting the CTRL + Z keyboard shortcut. This will help you to undo the delete immediately. The steps are easy to get as described below.
If you want to recover a deleted file or folder, just follow the next steps.
1. First of all, press the start button, so that you can open the computer.
2. Then, open the home folder which contains the deleted folder.

3. Hold down CTRL and Z keys at the same time to ensure you can undo the delete. If you don't use keyboard shortcut skillfully, you would like to use the undo delete option which can be found as you take the following steps.

1. First of all, press the start button, so that you can open the computer.
2. Then, open the home folder which contains the deleted folder.
3. Right-click on the folder and choose to cancel the deletion as shown in the picture.

In the ideal situation, the files due to accidental deletion can be recovered just press the composite key, CTRL + Z. Sometimes, you want to make the deleted files restored in the original folder, but it may be accidentally saved to another. To avoid such situation happening, you had better keep this powerful keyboard shortcut in mind.

Recover files with the help of recycle bin

Everyone who has basic computer skills knows that once you delete the file on your computer, they would be moved to the recycle bin automatically. You may have a question that whether the files transferred to the recycle bin can be recovered or not. As it is so common to see the file deletion in our daily life, the power of the recycle bin should not be ignored. It can provide file retrieval quickly and efficiently. However, to restore permanently delete files is beyond the scope of its functions and you need a more powerful software instead, to help you get the lost information back. Most of the operating system interface is user friendly so that you can find the icon of recycle bin without any obstacle.

With the help of recycle bin, even you accidentally delete an important file, you still have chances to recover them. The following step will show you how to use the recycle bin to undo delete.
1. Open the recycle bin by double clicking on the shortcut.
2. After doing that, you will see all the deleted files listed on the desktop
3. Right click the icon of recycle bin and you will see the tape of undo delete in the options dialog. To process further, hit it as you want to restore the files.
4. At times, there are too many files contained in the recycle bin, so that it is difficult to find the files you want to restore. Searching seems to be a tough task which is hard to complete, but this is not the case. You can enter the name of the file in the search box so that the exactly file can be found easily. It doesn't matter even if you don't remember the file name, just sort the recently deleted files according to the date or path. It is an easy to understand, isn't it?

Restore files by using Wondershare Data Recovery

In some cases, you would find out that the file is hard to be recovered, especially at that time the file has been overwritten. The ways mentioned above may fail to solve all the problems caused by wrong operation, accidental deletion or the hard disk damage. At some time, you would have a headache to discover that the speed of the operating system is too slow and the storage space of hard disk is too full, so that you have to delete some unwanted files to free up space. You don't realize the importance of it until a few weeks or even months later. At this time, no matter how anxious you are, the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Z can do nothing to help you. You try to find files from the recycle bin, however, the result still let's you down. You feel sorry and depressed and have no idea about what to do.

In this situation, you can ask the Wondershare Data Recovery for help, which would solve your troubles professionally. It is so user friendly for everybody that asks for no additional knowledge. Through the software, the process is proved to be so simple for recovery and you can work it out just need one click. How amazing it is! This software provides recovery of the lost data caused by careless deletion or some similar situations. It supports all types of information like documents, images, videos, emails and so on. Wondershare data recovery is a tool designed with art technology and created to deal with different scenarios of data loss. The data may be removed for wrong operation, formatting, virus infection, system failure, even careless deletion. This software so powerful that can solve all the problems mentioned above.

Assuming that, you are writing on an important document and suddenly find it gone without any warning. You are very anxious and don't know what to do next. Wondershare data recovery tool comes in handy in this situation. With its help, you would feel that the recovery process is so easy. When dealing with the data recovery, it is not only effective on hard drives of your computer but also works on external or connecting devices, such as USB, iPod, MP3/MP4 players, digital cameras, mobile phones etc. This tool has four particular recovery options to ensure that you can find the missing data quickly and simply. The next step is how to operate on it.

1. Choose a recovery mode you like better.

2. Scan files on your computer or device

3. Preview and select documents which you want to restore, and then save them.

This tool has 4 kinds of recovery modes so that it helps you search all missing files:


The Wizard mode recovery – This mode gets the data back after you enter the correct answer of security questions.

Step 1: Select the Wizard Mode recovery

After the starting the program, the system will ask you to answer two questions, what you need to do is clicking to the next step, and hands over the rest to the Wondershare.

Step 2: Choose the type of files which need to be restore, as it shown below.

Step 3: Give the path of the missing file, so that the program can locate the position quickly.

Step 4: Wondershare Data Recovery is ready to start to retrieve the missing files for you

Step 5: Preview and restore the missing files

If you select the Standard Mode recovery, you will choose one of the functions in the following options.

1. The missing file recovery – In this recovery mode, you can restore the formatted or deleted files according to their original names and paths.

2. Partition recovery – It is used in the situation that your hard drive is damaged. And the lost or damaged partitions will be retrieved to ensure the data's integrity.


3. Raw Recovery – This function allows that even the file system has been damaged, it can also provide deep scan on your equipment and recycle the missing data.

This is a great Windows data recovery tool that won't cause any harm to your data. It can restore the data correctly and comprehensively. If you are very busy right now, the scanning process can be paused or restarted at any time as you want.

Wondershare data recovery can save the scanning result, so that once you pause the process and then want to continue, it doesn't need to search from the very beginning.

You can also classify the files according to the names, sizes or modification time, so that it can make the search more quickly and easily. Using the preview function, you can locate the files correctly and quickly. What's more, in this way you can check whether it is what you need or not.

Wondershare Data Recovery must be your final choice.