March 21, 2014

The Powerful Formatted Memory Card Data Recovery Software for Mac

Many people may ever encounter such a problem: You formatted your memory card by accident and cannot find all files such as photos, videos, document files, audio on your card. What's worse, you just forget to backup all files from your memory card to your other portable device! Does it mean that you will lose all those precious files? You may wonder if there are some methods to get them back?
March 18, 2014

[XD Card Recovery]: Recover Lost Files from XD Picture Card on Mac

XD card, which is short for XD picture card, is commonly used in digital cameras. As a powerful flash memory card, XD card can store huge numbers of files with a physical body which is smaller than other kinds of cards. Due to the excellent storage quality, you must have stored huge numbers of photos and videos on your XD Card to record your unforgettable holiday, right? However, you should know that accidents may happen anytime. Copy these precious files to your other storage medium is a better choice to avoid losing them.