April 9, 2014

Recover Lost Photos from Android on Mac by Android Photo Recovery Mac

A lot of people had experience of deleting data on their Android phones, no matter what brand their Android phones are. I wander if there is a Android photo recovery for Mac that can work for those entirely different Android phones to recover their losing photos on Mac. And I think there is no need to explain the trouble you will face after losing important photos on your Android phone.
April 7, 2014

Moto X Recovery for Mac: Recover Lost Data from Moto X on Mac

Always feel panic when data are deleted on the Moto X phone, because there is no such thing called "Trash" bin on the phone like there is one on the computer to help people recover the deleted data. People might think those missing data are just gone forever. I accidentally deleted the most import data on my Moto X, those data are for my VIP clients, I really freak out after I finding out what had happened. I don't blame the phone, but I realize that a lot of people delete data on their phone for all kinds of reasons, so there must be some method, like some Moto X data recovery for Mac, to help people recover data from Moto X on Mac.