Is there any way to recover deleted data from SDHC Card easily?

When your little kid deletes important photos or videos from your beloved Sony SDHC card by accident, you must want to get them back eagerly. Since all photos stored on your Sony SDHC card are all very important files to record your precious memory, you need to save them safely if you want to view them years later or share them with your friends.

I think many people may ever encounter accidents like this, in addition, you may lose important files due to many other reasons, such as formatting your SDHC card by accident, encountering virus affected and more. If you want to get these deleted files back after losing them, you need a third party SDHC Card Recovery tool to help you. Here is my recommendation of a best SDHC Card Recovery software – Wondershare Photo Recovery for SDHC Card, which can find all deleted files before they are overwritten.

Note: To avoid your lost files been overwritten, you should stop using your SDHC card once you find data loss.

Here are steps for you to retrieve files step by step. You can now download free trial version of the program before purchase it. Then please install it on your computer and launch it. Here, I will take Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac as an example.


Step by step tutorial to retrieve lost files from SDHC card on Mac by SDHC Card Recovery

Step 1: Connect SDHC card to computer

Firstly, please connect your SDHC card to Mac via a card reader. You will then see four modes in the starting window, please choose the first one “Lost File Recovery” as the first try. When you choose the mode, the program will detect only lost files for you and save your time.

Data Recovery for Mac

Step 2: Start scan your lost files by SDHC Card Recovery

Since the program will display all found devices in the window, please choose the SDHC card you want to recover files, and then click the button “Scan”. The program will start to scan as many deleted files as possible for you.

recover deleted photos from SDHC Card

Step 3: Get back your lost data by SDHC Card Recovery now

Now, all found files, such as videos, photos and more are displayed in the left side column of the starting window, please choose the files you want to recover and then click the button “Recover”. Then you need to choose a place to save them. The program enables you to preview them before the recovery.

SDHC Card Recovery on mac

Notes:You should not save recovered files to your SDHC card again to avoid data overwritten. Your Mac or other external device will be a better choice.