No matter how clever you are, you may encounter such a situation that deleting the important mail in your phone or computer by carelessness. Even if you are careful enough, your email may still not stay safe. Because that your account can be invalided. And your files may be deleted intentionally. Since the emails contain important data, such as attachments sent to your working partners, academic papers, product patent and password confirmation. This situation sounds very bad, isn't it? Everything seems to stay in a mess and can't process further any more.

How to retrieve the deleted file is also important to the users. The deleted files can be restored as well., which are not only caused by your carelessness but also due to other reasons. The following article sums up five kinds of data recovery for you to get the lost documents back.

Method 1. Search the files in the recycle bin.

Before you clean the recycle bin, you can get the deleted files back by using this way. In general, as long as you don't empty the recycle bin habitually, the files may stay in the recycle bin for a month, in case that you want to restore them.
Step 1. Connect to the Internet and enter the email account and password, since you delete files on it.

Step 2. On the left side, you will find the Thrash icon among the options provided by the email window. Then select it as shown below.

Step 3. To process further, mark any of the mails displayed in the list, so that you can restore the mails as you want.

Step 4. Press the Move button which is placed at the top of the window and tell the location of the restored file by selecting the options in the following picture, for instance, you want to put them into the social folder.


Method 2. Ask the mail database for help

Mail retrieval seems to be very complicated. Fortunately mail database like Outlook Express, vista window can give you a hand. In this way, the mails become smaller, therefore it will be easier to get. Next, we will discuss how to use Apple mail.

Step 1. Open the database and Login the email account to process further.

Step 2. Select the folder of the Deleted Items.

Step 3. Click on the mails wanted to be restored, and then press the Move button. Finally, choose the destination of the recovery such as inbox folder.


Method 3. Ask backup server for help

Outlook Web App is also a kind of software in the field of emails recovery. With the help of this web browser, you can restore the emails deleted recently or permanently. It is user-friendly so that makes the recovery more convenient.

Step 1. Login your account when you seek out the Outlook Web App.

Step 2. Select the folder of the Deleted Items.

Step 3. Click on the mails wanted to be restored, and then press the Move button. Finally, choose the destination of the recovery such as inbox folder.

Step 4. Click on Recover Deleted items as they have been deleted forever.


Method 4. With the help of Email File extensions

The files can also be restored with using Email File extension which is short for EML. The format of these EML files is one of the products created by Microsoft Outlook process and it also shows the position of the saved files. This format includes mail body, attachments, links and email header contain the address of the recipient and the sender. It is generated based on the standard of MIME RFC 822, for this reason, you can open the mail through database like Thunderbird, outlook, outlook Express, Apple Mail, IncrediMail, Microsoft Entourage and so on. The following outlines the common extensions of EML file:

Vcf, Mailhost, Emlx, wdseml, Tnf,eml, Boe, Pst., Vcard., Mso., Mht, Mlm, Mbox, Oas, Sbd, Tbb, P10, Mozemail, pmx

If the lost files due to accidentally deletion are just saved in the Internet, it is so lucky for you to get them back by logging in to the email database.

Step 1. Entering the email databases such as outlook, outlook Express, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. And then seek for the mails which need a recovery.

Step 2. If you don't get what you want with the method provided above, you can try to open the file explorer.

Step 3. It can help you find the files quickly and easily if you list the mails according to time, email contacts or file format such as .eml.


Method 5. With the help of Wondershare Data Recovery

The Wondershare Data Recovery is an amazing tool that works on getting back the lost information not only on file but also emails from your computer. What you need to do is downloading the version of windows or Mac, according to your operating system. Here are the following steps.


Step 1. Select a Recovery Mode which is suitable for you

There are two kinds of Recovery Mode to be selected when you start the program. You will see many options including Partition File Recovery, Lost Recovery File, and Raw data Recovery. In this case, you should choose the Lost Recovery File.


Step 2. Select the type and path of the deleted file.

The recovery seems to be so easy with the help of Wondershare Data Recovery. Just choose Emails and press on the NEXT button to choose the path. For the case of a solid recovery, you can also use the Enable Deep Scan to begin a process of deep scanning.

Step 3. Preview and restore your lost emails

After the search, it will prompt to select a folder on the left side and click the file in the list to preview. If you have checked them out, select the files and press the Recover button to restore them. And then they will appear in your email database. No matter when to delete the emails, stop using this program in case of overwriting. Before you start a recovery, it is wise for you to check the recycle bin. And after a recovery, it also suggests you to save the search result, so that if you want to restore another file in future, it won't take you much time to scan from the very beginning.

Although can get the deleted mails back with the method mentioned above, but you'd better make sure the security of the files. Here are some advices you should pay attention to.

  • 1. Create a complex password, using the combination of letters, Numbers and character, to avoid the possibility of cracking.
  • 2. Backup the mails to the external drives.
  • 3. Save your emails
  • 4. If you log in the email address with foreign equipment, remember to log off to keep emails safe.
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