In almost every moment of our life, we may contact information in the form of digital data. Due to the importance of these digital files, storage device becomes quite an important thing. Among all storage devices, SD card is one of the most commonly used ones and is so cool to use. However, you should still note that it is quite possible to lose your digital data through SD card due to some accidents. Luckily, there are many SD Card data recovery tools through the Internet so that you can get back deleted files with ease.

With a SD card, you can save many kind of files such as images, documents, video, audio, archived files, email, etc. Since all these files maybe quite important and precious, you need help from a professional third party tool to retrieve them safely.

Best SD Card Recovery Tool – Wodershare Data Recovery

When searching the Internet, you can find many data recovery tools for SD card. Here I recommend you the ever-best one, which is called Wondershare Data Recovery. Here I will introduce the All in One program in detail.

Wondershare Data Recovery is such a professional and useful program that can recover almost every type of files from SD card for you in one click. Developed with a user-friendly interface, the program is easily handled no matter whether you are experts or primary users! Here you can follow the 3 steps below to recover your SD card files with ease.

Steps to Recover Lost SD Card Files Easily by Data Recovery

Step 1: Install the Program and Connect your SD Card

To start with, you need to install the program on your computer and launch it. You can download it below. Here we provide you a free trial version to have a try! After launching the program, please choose Lost File Recovery option to continue.


Data Recovery for Mac

Step 2: Select Path and Scan the SD Card

Now you will need to choose the path that your SD card locates after selecting the mode above. Then please click on the button Start if you are using Windows computer and click on Scan if you are using Mac. Please ensure that you have selected the Enable Deep Scan option.

recover deleted data from Mac

Step 3: Preview and Recover Photos

Since the program will detect all found files including photos, you can view them in the starting window. You can preview them first and choose the ones you want to get back to your SD card. After these steps, please click on Recover button.

Mac Data Recovery on mac

Done! You can now check your recovered photos and other files easily! If you are a photographer or have lost important photos, Wondershare Data Recovery is the best helper for you.

Here is 4 commonly used storage SD card in the following list:

* Lexar
* Samsung
* SanDisk
* Transcend

After reading the article, you can rest your heart to save files on the above 4 SD card without fear of losing them. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac can recover all lost files in one click for you before they are overwritten.