For most people, it is so common to mistakenly delete important files from our computer. As a matter of fact, when using a computer, there is only a small part of people, who won't delete one file or two by mistake. This rule applies to most computer users, whether Windows or Mac.

Part 1. Could it become a reality to recover the files which have been deleted already on computer?

I'm so glad to say, yes! As you heard it, there are some possibilities to recover the removed files while using your computer. In fact, the files which you think have been deleted are still saved on your computer, so that you can choose to recover them. Amazing, isn't it?

Your original data is always stored on the hard drive, so when you remove a file, only the marker which points to the sectors will be deleted by the system and the others remain the same. Therefore, the file seems to be deleted on the surface. But, that is not the real case. In fact, the file still stays there until it has a new one.
As a consequence, you will be so lucky to avoid the data loss if you move fast enough.

Part 2. Something you must pay attention to before you recover the removed files from your computer.

Before restoring the removed files, you should pay attention to the things which are described below:

  • Stop any computer operation immediately, when you delete the useful files by mistake unless you don't want to get them back. As we all know, deleting the files means that you don't want to save the data which is stored in the file and even want to create a new one to rewrite over it. In fact, this is not your wish when you accidentally delete the important files. So, when you encounter this situation, don't do any action until you get the files back.
  • To get the files back successfully as you wish, you had better to get the Fix software or program, which will help you recover the lost data with ease and satisfaction. There are so many kinds of data recovery to be selected, although in the process of actual operation, only a few of them will offer some help to you. So what, it is better than nothing.

Part 3. On Windows, how can you restore the removed files by using the Wondershare Data Recovery?

Today I'd like to introduce the software to you, Wondershare Data Recovery, which can offer a good solution if you want to get the deleted files back on computer. This program has many advantages that the operation is safe and also easy to understand. What's more, it can search for all of the files deleted by mistake, which is also suitable for all kinds of file types including videos, music, pictures, emails, documents and so on. You can refer to the following steps to recover your deleted files easily on computer.


Step 1: First of all, choose the recovery mode on Wondershare Data Recovery, which is suitable for you.
Then there are four kinds of recovery modes coming up to you. Select the label ‘Lost File Recovery' to proceed further.

Step 2: You will see all the drives installed in the computer by clicking on the ‘Lost File Recovery' tab. Then, it's time to choose the files which are wanted to be restored and press the ‘Start' button.

Step 3: Then the selected drive is being looking for. You should be patient, since it will take some time to get results.

Step 4:After scanning, the computer screen will show you the file information which can be restored, including the file type and the path. All the files will be selected by default and you can also deselect the file which is unexpected to recover. After the check, press the restore button and the mistaken delete files will exist in your computer.


Part 4. On Mac, how can you restore the removed files by using the Wondershare Data Recovery?

Step 1: Click to download and install the software – Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac. After the installation, open it and select the label ‘Lost File Recovery' to proceed further.

Step 2: Then make sure which drive has your lost file, and select it. Press the ‘Scan' button, the computer will help you to find out the files.

Step 3: After the search, the computer screen will show you the files which can be restored and preview. Click on ‘Recover' after all the files which you want to get back have been selected already. Then you will see the files saved on the Mac. Pay attention to backup these files in other drives, in this way, you won't cover the files which you want to restore.


Part 5. What can we do if the useful files have been restored and how to prevent data loss when we accidentally deleting important files.

Now, as you get all the mistaken delete files back, you had better do something so that the data loss which may be caused by any reason, such as accidental deletion, would be avoided.

Methods are as follows:

Step 1. Be careful when you delete the file. At least, you should make sure that the one is exactly what you want to remove.

Step 2. In order to ensure the safety of the files, it's better to backup and even save them in another hard disk. And clean the computer. What's more, you should make all the files stay the same when you clean the computer.

Step 3. Keep a common data recovery tools like Wondershare Data Recovery software, even if you accidentally delete the files, can also recover them in time.