When you find that you cannot write or read data on your memory card, one quite possible reason is that your device is corrupted. Always, the cause of device corrupted should be human error and you should adopt proper methods to get back important files on your memory card. If you just encountered the accident and searching for methods to get back files from corrupted memory card, you are in the right place here. Just continue reading to learn more.

Reasons Lead to Memory Card Corruption

During your daily life, you will encounter data loss due to thousands of reasons. Among all kinds of reasons, the most gruesome one should be corrupted of memory card. In fact, almost all reasons that caused memory card corruption are user's error in handling the card. Besides, there are also many other causes that may lead to corrupted storages. In the part, I will list some main causes that could lead to corrupted storages.

  • 1. When you insert the second memory card into the reader of your computer while not remove your former memory card, you will corrupt your card, as well as losing important data.
  • 2. When you keep using memory card on your device while the device batteries are about to get drained, you will lose important data without doubt.
  • 3. We strongly suggest that you backup your important and precious files to your computer or other secure storage device so that you can always keep your data and avoid losing them. You will never get your memory card corrupted with full data with the conduction.
  • 4. In this regard, you will also lose data if your memory card is used without formatting it. The situation is always faced by many users to loss data.
  • 5. If you just take out your memory card or insert it timely, you will lose data by no doubt. Thus, you should not continue exposure your device in such environment to avoid making storage permanently disable.
  • 6. In most cases, your data will be lost if your device is in low batteries when you are transferring data from or to your memory card. Thus, please keep your device fully charged before you conduct transfer.

Method to Retrieve Data from Corrupted Memory Card

Every day, there are numbers of reasons that may lead to corruption of your memory card. Since these data just become invisible and can still be recovered before they are overwritten, you need a professional tool for help to recover them to avoid losing them forever. When searching the Internet, you can find many recovery tools, while not all them can help you without accident.

Here is my recommendation – Wondershare Data Recovery for you, which is specially developed for all users to recover lost files from corrupted memory card without any trouble. The program is the ever-best one for both experts and primary users since it provides you a friendly interface. Also, the program supports all file system in the best manner to provide you the best result. You can now download the free trial version in the site here to experience the program before you purchase it and we do recommend you try the program strongly. You can decide whether to purchase the program if you like it after trying the trial version. Wondershare Data Recovery is such a wonderful program that should be installed to get back lost files in one click without issues.

To ensure that you can get the best results by using the program, you'd better follow the process below to handle the program. Just continue reading to learn more. With any problems and doubts, you can search our site to find more.

1. To start with, you need to download the program and then install it by double clicking. Then, just launch it to bring up the starting window. You can download the program here.



2. The program will detect all files that can be recovered and list them in the starting window. You can choose the ones you need and check them. During the process, please note that All File Types will be checked if you don't select the file type you specified.


3. You now need to specify the location where you lose your files here.


4. After the steps above, all recovered files will be shown in the starting window. You need to ensure that the ones you need most are checked. Then just click on the button Recover at bottom right corner of the window. The program will start to recover selected files for you automatically.


Don't you think the program is quite easy-handling? After the task, you can get back your important and precious from your corrupted memory card without quality loss! Don't hesitate to join us to learn more!

Although it is easy to recover files through the program, we do suggest you to find the following tips for fixing your memory cards since you may loss file permanently once they are overwritten. In the following passages are some tips that you can follow to maintain and get your memory card to work if they run out of order.

  • 1. Your memory card should be formatted within the device of which it is used while should not be formatted through certain computer.
  • 2. Since sometimes your substandard readers will also cause your memory card corrupted, you'd better insert your card into high performing card reader to ensure safety of your card.
  • 3. Only in extreme cases can you conduct burst mode photography since it will free up more space so that the memory card can continue working.
  • 4. You should never delete and add images in the memory card that are full since your important files should be transferred first to get the issue resolved.