Nowadays, what is the most well-known online file storage service? Do you get the answer? I think the users who focus on data recovery area, would mention Dropbox and basically, the answer is almost the same. It is obvious that how famous it is!

And it is a powerful online file storing service which has the best functionality and features on synchronization and backup. Therefore, it plays a very important role in the field of online storing business.

On the end users' perspective, it is common to see that they always forget to sync and backup files, until one day they find it unavailable. This would make them feel particularly anxious and wonder how to do next. But Dropbox won't let this situation happen as it will sync your files and create backup points automatically. All you have to do is to put the important documents in the Dropbox folder.

Part 1. What the Dropbox would do if you delete a document on it and where is the document?

Assuming that you delete an important file by carelessness from the Dropbox folder, what will happen next? Where does the file go? Is it lost forever? Does it never get back again? Don't be nervous, just take it easy. As you have so many questions, I will tell you the answer one by one. Let's discuss in the next chapter.

As a matter of fact, you can't find the file in your Dropbox folder for sure, but it doesn't mean that it disappears forever. Because of this, you can restore the deleted files with a number of ways. All the methods will be shown with the functions of Dropbox. It is a powerful tool which is able to record each edit operation of the users over the past 30 days. That is to say, it can help you to recover files which are accidentally deleted, including all kinds of versions, as long as they are created within 30 days. Then what to do next? Just be patient, read the following article and it will tell you in detail about how to restore the file on Dropbox installed on your computer.

Part 2. How to get the deleted files back from Dropbox which is installed on Mac & Windows?

This method is also suitable for Mac and Windows. Then follow the steps which are mentioned below.
Step 1. Log in to your of Dropbox. Then select the ‘Show deleted files' option, which can be seen in each folder.

Step 2. Then the files will be displayed in the interface of your computer, which are removed in the recent 30 days. If you move the cursor over the documents, an arrow will appear to you, which places next to the removed files, on your right hand. Press on it, so that you will see the drop down menu which contains ‘Undelete' option.

Step 3. In addition to the option mentioned above, there is another option called ‘Previous versions' in the drop down menu. If you chose this one, Dropbox will execute this command, so that the deleted files would be displayed as a backup version, which can be provide the function of preview and selection.


Part 3. How to get the deleted files back from Dropbox website?

Step 1. Sign in to your account through the Dropbox website, then click on the ‘Events' option to process further. After that, find out the events which are associated with various file deletions. Click on the link which is corresponding with the event. You can refer to the screenshot as showed below.

Step 2. Go on to the next step, you will see the ‘Restore these files' option. By clicking on this option, it is surprised for you to find the deleted files you mark before, go back to your folder again.

Step 3. On Dropbox website, specific folders or documents can also be restored. First of all, find out the icon of recycle bin whose location is next to the search bar. It will display the files which are removed in the recent 30 days. Then you can check the files as you want to recover and just press the ‘Restore' button to process further.


Part 4. Further tips and knowledge about saving documents on Dropbox to minimize the loss of data

1. It is wise of you to rename your folders and keep them clean, so that the recovery process will be managed better. For instance, you can rename your folders according to the year such as 2016, 2015, 2014, so that they can be distinguished from.

2. When you want to upload something, just use the option of Upload instead of the Sync button. Dropbox create a true copy of the document which can be uploaded, however it is not the fact with Sync.

3. In order to save the latest version of the file, when you backup a document, make sure that you are working on offline.


Through the introduction of the above, I believe that you have got some knowledge about how to restore the Dropbox deleted documents on Mac & Window. So, next time you meet some problems about data recovery with using the Dropbox or its website, you can take it easy, the files don't disappear really. All you need to do is just referring to this article to seek for help. Then have a try on the methods mentioned above.