There are a lot of useless data files on your computer. For example, when you are watching TV on your computer, it is creating some cache files somewhere. After you input your password and account, this kind of information can also become the cache data files on your computer. So, it is important to remove these unwanted data files from your computer permanently. It is for the sake of your personal information, as well as the good performance of the computer itself.

But, when you delete the data files, you are only hiding them somewhere on your computer. And these files are recoverable with the recovery tools like the Wondershare Data Recovery and Panda Recovery. To remove them permanently, you need to use a third party tool. In the following passages, I am going to introduce some to you.

Tool 1. ERASER – Delete files permanently & completely

This tool will help you remove the data files from the Windows computer or the Mac computer, completely and permanently. Here is the detailed tutorial for you.

Step 1. Download and install

On the Internet, search for the ERASER. Then download it on your computer. Remember to launch this tool.


Step 2. Choose the data files to be removed

After launching the tool, you can now choose the data files that you want to remove and then right-click on the files. On the pop-up menu, you need to tap on the option of “ERASER” and then choose the sub-option of the “Erase”.


Step 3. Start to remove the data files

Now you can see a window show up, reminding you that the files will be removed from your computer permanently. Just confirm the message.


1. If you choose the on the sub-option of “Restart” instead of the sub-option of “Erase”, the tool will help you delete the selected data files the next time you start your computer.

2. You can also directly drag and drop the data files that you want to remove to the icon of the ERASER on the desktop. It is useful especially on the Mac computer.

Tool 2. SDelete – Erase files permanently and easily

This tool is useful on the Windows computer. Let me tell you how to use it.

Step 1. Download and install

Searching for the SDelete on the Internet is really easy. And then, simply download it and then install it on your Windows computer following the installation wizard. Launch it after that.


Step 2. Run command prompt

From the START menu on your computer, bring out the “command prompt”. Then input the word “cmd” and then click on “OK”.


Step 3. Go to the SDelete tool

On the window of the “command prompt”, input the location of the SDelete with the cd command. Then press the “EHTER” on your keyboard.


Step 4. Input the location of the data files that you want to remove

On the next line input the location of the data files that you want to remove with cd command.


Step 5. Remove the files

Now the location of the files is displayed on the screen, you can press on the “ENTER” on your keyboard to remove them for ever.