What is your feeling if you find out that the recycle bin suddenly disappeared from the computer desktop? It may cause panic among the users especially the starters. As a matter of fact, it is so normal to see this situation, but the worst thing is losing important files which are saved in the recycle bin. Here are some common practices which may lead to the disappearance of the recycle bin. One day, you want to clean the desktop, so you delete the icon of recycle bin and find it disappear without any warning. Or sometimes, you want to remove some useless files from recycle bin to release some disk space, however you deleted some documents without realizing their importance. In addition, the damaged operating system may also lead to data loss from recycle bin.

Part 1. The ways to get the Recycle Bin back to computer desktop

As it mentioned above, there are many factors which would lead to the disappearance of the recycle bin, such as accidental deletion, virus infection, aftermarket cleaner tool and so on. Fortunately, it can be restored to its original location as you follow the steps shown below.

Step 1. Press on the start menu on the bottom right hand corner of your desktop.

For individuals who use windows vista system, it is the most basic step. But for individuals with using Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7, should enter “desktop icons” in the search box and then select the option of “show or hide common icons” on the desktop. You can see the picture shown below and then go to the step 4.


Step 2. Choose control panel

On your right, you will see the option of control panel, press on it. Wait a minute until all of the features display on the desktop. You will see the interface as showed in the figure below.


Step 3. Select the option “Personalize”

From the interface of “Appearance and Personalization“, you will see the option “Personalize” on your right hand with reference to the following picture.


Step 4. Choose the Change desktop icons

There is a list of options to be chosen from on the right side. Just find out the option of “Change desktop icons” and then press on it.


Step 5. Choose the Recycle Bin

Open the box of Desktop Icon Settings, then select which icons should be recovered. As you want to restore the Recycle Bin, you have to select at least this one. The screen is displayed as showed below. You can also recover a full one or an empty Recycle Bin as you like. What's more, if you want to change the style of this icon, the dialogue box of Change Recycle Bin icon will give you a hand.


Part 2. The ways to restore removed files from Recycle Bin

If one day you delete important files by mistake, don't be panic, just take it easy. Because they are still saved in the recycle bin in their original state and easy to be recovered before you perform any operation of emptying recycle bin. Therefore, once you realize that you have accidentally deleted the vital file, stop cleaning the Recycle Bin or throwing any files to it and start the recovery process as soon as you can to avoid further data loss. Here are some steps about in window how to restore files from recycle bin and it is wise of you to follow.

At the beginning, open the Recycle Bin by double click on the icon. And scan and mark the files you want to restore. To process further, choose the right place where you want to store the recovered files. After that, press the position you have selected and then click the “Restore” button to start the recovery process. The length of recovery time is different according to the speed of computer and the size and number of the deleted files which should be restored.

Part 3. The most useful software of Data Recovery – Wondershare Data recovery

As computers become more popular, they are used in all levels of society. However, individuals or companies are more and more reluctant to take the risks of data loss. It is common for us to save files in our computers, but few of them are backed up just in case. Therefore, once the important data is missing, users would have a headache and wonder how to do next. In order to solve this kind of situation, the data recovery software arises at the historic moment. Here, I have a kind of high quality and efficient tool introduced to you – Wondershare Data Recovery tool. It is an amazing tool to recover any type of lost data, like videos, images, music, emails and so on. And it also supports devices of secondary storage to mobile phones or digital cameras, such as SD card, flash drives, hard drives etc. It has a simple and user friendly interface, so that users even a novice can use it without any obstacle. And it is easy to use so that makes users understand how to operate correctly.

Considering that the level of computer skills mastered by users is different, Wondershare Data Recovery is designed to have two kinds of modes. One is wizard mode and the other is standard mode. Wizard mode is specifically made for individuals who lack of computer skills about data recovery, while the standard model is designed to serve advanced users. It also includes four recovery modules, such as raw file recovery, lost file recovery, partition recovery and resume recovery.


Part 4. The ways to retrieve data with using the software of Wondershare File

Step 1. Select the type of files which should be recover

Choose one type of files such as video, emails, photos, audios, documents and so on. Of course, you can also choose all of them if necessary. To process further, please follow the next steps.


Step 2. Select the files' position where they were deleted from.

First, you should select the position where the items were deleted from. If you have cleaned the recycle bin already, just click on the iron of it. It doesn't matter if you are not sure about the areas which the files come from, you can also select the computer as the place where can save the recovered files. Click on the “NEXT” button to go on.


Step 3. Open the depth scanning

Start the depth scanning can increase success chances of data recovery, as it will do its best to scan the files as you want. It may take a few minutes to carry out this process according to the size and number of the files and the running state of the system. Press on the “Start” button to begin this process.


Step 4. Recover the removed files

After scanning, check out the files types. And then click on the button of scan and save. Deep scanning is very powerful that it can scan almost all the files saved on your computer. This is why I recommend it strongly.



Have a kind of recovery software just like Wondershare Data Recovery, so that when you encounter any data loss, you won't need to be panic.