The duplicated files are common on the computers in the age of the Information. When we download things from the Internet, we can usually get some duplicated files as a result of repetitive operations. These files will not only be of no use, but also take up the storage space on the computer. To delete them is surely of great importance.

But the problem is, it is difficult to find these duplicated files among so many files on the computer. In this case, you may need a third party tool to help you. Now in this article, I am going to tell you some good tools for both the Windows and the Mac.

Part 1. Tools for the Windows user to delete duplicated files

Tool 1. Anti-Twin

The name of this tool is easy to understand. It can help you find out the duplicated files and delete them without hassle. You can also use the filter on it to select the duplicated files for deleting. The files can be removed for ever or moved to the recycle bin first.


Tool 2. Fast Duplicate File Finder

This one will enable you to preview the files before you delete them. And with the friendly interface, you can learn how to use it with ease. It can search for similar files for you too. You can use this tool to delete the duplicated files in the formats of the audios, videos, pictures and so on.


Tool 3. CloneSpy

This one is an user-friendly tool for deleting the duplicated files. There are four modes of the search function, including searching by files with same name, same content, same name and file, same content and name. And the search function can be used in a simple way.


Tool 4. AllDup

The AllDup has a fast search function just like the last one. But you can choose to search the files by file name, file content, file extension, file size, last date modified and file attributes. And it can help you delete the duplicated files of the audios, videos, pictures and the text.


Tool 5. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

This one is the most widely used tool among the five tools for the Windows. That is because the process can be stopped or paused, and the duplicated files can either be removed for good or transferred to the recycle bin. Although it can only help you to search by the data, size and name.


Part 2. Tools for the Mac user to delete duplicate files

Tool 1. Easy Dupicate Finder

This is a powerful tool. It can help you search and delete the duplicated files including the audios, videos, pictures and other documents. You will never worry about the duplicated files after using this tool.


Tool 2. Chipmunk

The Chipmunk can search for the duplicated files by the name, date and the content too. And after the scanning process, you are allowed to preview the files before deleting them. Or you can just move the files to a special folder of the duplicated files.


Tool 3. Gemini

With this tool, you can search for the duplicated files by the name, date, content, and location. Or you can just drag and draw the duplicated files to this tool when you see them. The interface of it is intuitive so it is easy for all the users.


Part 3. Things to be noted about deleting duplicated files

1. Never delete a duplicated file that is a system file.
2. Always remember to preview a file before you delete it.