Recover Lost Files on Mac in Four Innovative Modes

Lost Data Recovery Mode

Scan and recover those data deleted by Command + Delete or from your Trash bin

Raw Data Recovery Mode

Scan your drive completely and recover lost files by "file signature"

Partition Recovery Mode

Scan and recover files from partitions where files are lost due to resized, deleted and corrupted

Resume Recovery Mode

Save the scan result and recover files for you later


As many people ever experienced, when you lost files in the past, you can only turn to certain data recovery tools, which are very complex and need professional knowledge. With the development of technology, you can now turn to a professional while easy-handling recovery tool for help. The tool I recommend for you is called iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac, which is very safe and can recover as many files as possible for you in just one click! You can choose from four recovery modes displayed above to complete the task according to your condition.

Due to many reasons you may encounter data loss, for example, you delete files by accident, format your device, encounter virus affection and make improper operation. No matter what accident you encounter, you can get back lost files before they are overwritten with help of the program iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac. You can complete the task in just one click no matter whether you are experts or primary users.

Do the Data Recovery on Mac By Yourself With Ease

Through the iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac, you can recover files including videos, photos, music, document files, email, archive files and more in only three steps on Mac: Scan, Preview and Recover. And the recovered files are 100% same as original without destroying any data.

Innovative Features of iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac

iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac, which is the fastest, safest and easiest solution to scan & recover lost data for you per you need.

  • Save the scan result and recover files for you when time is available
  • Scan lost files with folder trees and file filters to save your time
  • Pause and restart the scanning process according to your condition
  • Distinguish both invalid and valid files easily before recover them
  • Scan only the file type you selected to save your time
  • Get files back with original file folders and file names
I lost 1700 pictures and I thought they were all gone and gone forever, I was so mad at myself until I found iSkySoft Data Recovery and I ran this one and it found ALL and I Mean ALL of my photos. I was so Happy!! Thank you very much!!


I had deleted photos from my SD memory card. It was too late before I realized this. Tried iSkysoft Data Recovery and it found all my photos. Bought it instantly, and in minutes I got back my photos. A very nice app! Thank you!

Kelly Jean