In recent times, many people may have more and more files to store and thus turn to external hard drive for help. People may put all their favourite movies, electric books, and many important informations in their hardwares. We can just take all these data with us everywhere we go. And these files may of great significance. However, you can't ignore the possible data loss, just like a mistake delete. You maybe amazing, but the tragedy could really take place. You may delete the whole folder by accident when you are to delete only a file. You may sense to press “Shift+Del” quickly but only find that no backup exists. Or else you lend your external hard drive to others and he/she make mistake operations. When faced all these accidents, what can you do do make these folder recover?

What if you lose all your year's collections? Now, the professional Hard Drive Recovery Software – Data Recovery can recover any deleted folders/files/data from external and internal hard drive for you.

Of course, the first thing you may come into mind is a hard drive data recovery, and this is the most straight way for you to do the hard drive recovery. You can use a very professional and reliable Hard Drive Recovery Software program, such as Wondershare Data Recovery, to do the Drive data recovery with high quality and security. You can recover your deleted files or folders quickly and efficiently in only three easy-handle steps which don't need any tech-skills. I will show you as follows, in the meantime, you should not install the Drive Recovery Software program on the source partition where you are about to recover lost data.

Here, I will take Hard Drive Recovery Software mac system for example. You can also download the Data Recovery for Windows and do this in the same way if you are a Windows user.

At the very beginning, you can download a windows version of the Hard Drive Data Recovery and then run it.


Step 1: Connect the external hard drive to your compter and start hard drive data discovery.

You will see four choices in your computer and choose what you need to recover.

Data Recovery for Mac

Step 2: Select a location to recover files as it directs and begin to scan.

recover deleted data from hard drive

Step 3: After the scan, you can preview and check your files, and then begin to recover.

Hard Drive Data Recovery on mac

You can switch between the “Path” of the file and the “File Type”. Files are classified into many clearly categories such like photos, videos, audio, email, documents, etc. in the “File Type”. If you want to see your files in their original location, you can click “Path” icon.

Here you need to be cautious that don't put the recovered files into the spaces that once store your lost files to make a safe consideration.

Good news here: you can now download free trial version of Hard Drive Recovery Software. We supply the Wondershare Data Recovery version for both windows users and Mac users. You can download either to meet your demand. In addition, you can find more details in our site about this professional Drive Data Recovery program!