If you are using a digital device, you must be quite familiar with memory card. Indeed, memory card has become a necessity in our life to save huge number of files such as photos, video and songs. However, many of you may ever face the problem of data loss on your SD card and other devices. To recover lost files, you can turn to some third party recovery tools for help. In the article here, I will recommend you the top 10 free data recovery tools that will help you get back deleted files without any issue and hassle.

Top 10 Free Memory Card Recovery Tools

Here is an overview of the top 10 free memory card recovery tools for you, through which you can retrieve deleted files such as photos and music without a hassle. Just continue reading one by one.

1. Recuva

Firstly is to introduce you Recuva, which can be treated the best program that can recover files for you without any problem and issue. Thus, you are advised to download and install the program to get back deleted files with the best results.

* An easy-handling tool to download and use
* Exist as a small exe file

* It is always confusing to use the download page of the developers
* The program always add other features that are now allowed by the users

2. Puran File Recovery

Compared to other competitors, the Puran File Recovery tool is very easy to learn and can even scan all your files and disks in the fastest speed. When it comes to the recovery process, the program is also quite easy to use.

Puran file recovery

* The program is downloaded in small size and light in weight
* It is fully compatible with every OS you may have

* Since the program is only available for home users, the corporate users may be neglected.

3. Disk Drill

As a free data recovery tool, Disk Drill provides users a lot convenience. No matter whether you are experts or new users, you can handle the program very well. Thus, you just need to download the program and install it on your computer, then just follow the wizard to complete the task.

Disk Drill

* By using the program, you can have unlimited data recovery options.
* The tool is fully compatible with almost all kind of systems

* You can never see information of the file quality
* No portable version of the program is provided

4. Glary Undelete

When compared with other data recovery tool, you can find the program is a better choice since the interface of the program is very user-friendly. In addition, you can have the best results since even new-users without technique can get benefit from the program.

Glary Undelete
* A user-friendly interface to view folders and file types
* The program is in a small size

* You may find the setup files of the program are embedded with other programs you may don't need
* The program can only be used for non-commercial use

5. Pandora Recovery

Ever rated excellent among all data recovery tools, Pandora Recovery is a good choice for you. After installing the program, you can complete the task by following the wizard in starting window. In addition, you can get recovered files within no time at all.

Pandora recovery

* You can use the program easily in the wizard mode
* The program is very professional that support multiple devices in the same time

* The tool prompts to add browser toolbar
* You may find the downloading page a little tricky

6. Soft Perfect File

Fully take customer's needs and demands into consideration, Soft Perfect File is developed with a specially design and is quite easy to use to retrieve deleted files with ease. What's more, the useful program is developed with only 500 KB.

Soft perfect file

* When installed, you can find the program quite small in size with about 1 MB
* The program is totally portable to use

* You cannot preview files before recovery
* The program will not reveal health of deleted files

7. Ease US Data Recovery

Specially developed for all users, you can use USB drives with priority. In addition, you can get the best results after installing the program on your computer.

Ease US data recovery

* The program is very easy to use
* You can find the file preview system is embedded during usage

* The main function – data recovery – is limited in certain degree
* The program is downloaded in large size

8. Wise Data Recovery

The Wise Data Recovery is designed based on the Windows explorer structure, through which you can view files within folders in the left side column. You can use the program very easy with the best features.

Wise data recovery
* You can install the program in seconds
* Multi-tasking file recovery is supported

* For individual files, the folder structure may give you errors sometimes
* You can use it only with Windows OS

9. Restoration

Since Restoration is embedded with very useful and unique features, you can get the best results in just one click without delay.

* Very little disk space it required
* The starting window is very user-friendly

* You cannot find the recovery options in the window
* The program is not compatible with Windows 8

10. ADRC Data Recovery

Since the ADRC data recovery tool is developed for average computer users, you can easy-handle the program no matter whether you are primary users or experts. When you need to make data recovery, you can rest your heart to turn to the program.

ADRC data recovery
* The program is easy handling
* Multiple kinds of files can be recovered in the same time

* If you are non-tech users, you may find the interface is not so friendly
* The program is downloaded in large size

Wondershare Data Recovery

In addition to the top 10 free data recovery tools listed above, I recommend you the Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows strongly since it is one of the best and advanced tools in the world. In addition to easy handling, the program is also rated high when it comes to functionality. Although the program is a paid one, you can benefit a lot from it: the program is not only easy to use but also comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days since our developers are extremely confident about the program.

In addition to tech savvy users, even novice can use the program to get back what they need quite easily. When compared to above free programs, the Wondershare Data Recovery is embedded with professional and useful features that you will like fully.