There are a lot of tools for data deleting on the Internet. But do you know why? We can directly delete all the data on our devices including the Windows computer, Mac computer, Android devices, and iOS devices. But in fact, all the data we delete are just hidden by the operating systems. That is why with the help, we can get such data back. So if you are certain that you don't want some data files anymore, and you want them to disappear for good, you can delete them with a third party tool. And this article will introduce the top five of them for you.

Tool 1. HDShredder Free Edition

The HDShredder can help you delete the data either from a Windows computer or an external storage space. So there are two versions of this tool. For the former, you can remove the data from any drive on the computer for ever. And for the later, you need to connect the external storage space to your computer. There is also a paid version of this tool, which has more useful functions.


Tool 2. Darik's Boot And Nuke

The Darik's Boot And Nuke is the one that is rated as good as the first tool. It is widely used all around the world, because it is so easy to use. It is able to delete all kinds of data files that is compatible with your computer, including the audio files from the CD or DVD.


Tool 3. HDDErase

The HDDErase can help you remove all the data files on a hard disk, and you can do that regardless of the applications installed on the hard disk. But you need to have a bootable media device on your computer. Because the computer is booted by this tool, there is no file in use, and thus you can easily remove all the data files on your computer without the hassle.


Tool 4. PCDiskEraser

The PCDiskEraser is another removing tool for the computer. And it requires a bootable media device too. With the media device, you can remove all the data files including those stored in the C: drive with ease, just like that with the HDDErase. In a word, with the help of the PCDiskEraser, you have no need to worry about the leakage of the personal information.


Tool 5. KillDisk

The KillDisk supports a lot of platforms. And there are two versions of this tool, both the bootable and the installer. You can install this tool on the Windows computer or the Linux computer. The installer version can help you delete the data files from the computer itself or from the external storage space. And the bootable version is able to remove the data files including some important applications.

Well, all the five tools introduced above are of excellent functions. If you are thinking about deleting the data files from your computer, just choose one and give it a try.