The definition of hard drive cloning

The disk cloning, which is also called hard drive cloning, is a process to add something to the image file, so that the contents saved in the hard drive can be copied to another. You can also copy one drive to another directly. But first of all, it's better to ensure that you have added the content to the image file, and loaded the file to another hard drive already. There are many scenarios needing to clone hard disk, but the most common application is archiving information.

The purposes or the reasons for hard drive cloning

As mentioned above, the main purpose of cloning hard drive is to ensure the security of data and can be easily archived if needed. It effectively reduces the steps of creating backups and play an important role in the DR plan. According to the contrast, cloning the hard drive is more economical than data backup. Because when using data backup, you should structure the function within the system, while there is very few third-party software in this respect. Today, most organizations reach an agreement of the network environment. They consider that the world is filled with network crime and some affairs associated with viruses or malware.

It suggests that the users who frequently save important files should clone the hard disk habitually. In this way, you can avoid data loss and ensure the security of your information.

How to clone hard drive

In order to meet users' requirements, it's better to carry out strictly in accordance with the following steps. And you had better copy the important content in advance so that you won't make yourself in a chaotic situation, such data loss, which may be difficult to deal with.

1. For the sake of the data security, the information on the hard drive is asked to be replicated in another place. Even if someone accidentally removes the files, you can take it easy to recover them as soon as possible.

2. At the beginning, the hard disk which requires a clone should be installed on the computer

3. To proceed further, the data replication software should be added to the computer. When all of these have been done, that is to say, the core step of cloning hard drive begins.

4. Choose one among the options shown below, just as what you need.

5. Next, select the source and the target drive. In order to ensure that the disk space is large enough and free to use, the SATA hard drive is suggested to be used as a the target file. In this way, you will not be faced with the storage problem, either.

6. It's better to check again to ensure whether these configuration is correct or not. It must notice that, from now on, the cloning process will starts officially and it is the last chance to inspection configuration.

7. When all the documents are fully cloned, you need to press the finish button, it also means that it's the end of the cloning process.


Preparation before starting the cloning process

Before you clone the hard drive, some steps as shown below should take your attention:
1. The files which need a clone, should backup in advance, so that it can avoid any issue or data loss.
2. You should prepare an additional hard disk and format it to proceed further. In this way, it can prevent your files from viral infection.

The introduction of Wondershare Data Recovery

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