October 13, 2015

How to Remove the Browser History & Google Search History

The browser history and search history sometimes can help us to remember what we have browsed or what we have searched. But if you delete them, they will do some harm to you if losing as there are always some snoopy people. So it is significant to remove the browser history and search history regularly. And to do this, you can also clean the passwords to some important websites to protect your personal information.
April 4, 2014

How to Recovery Data from Samsung Galaxy Ace on Mac

There must a lot of people have had the experience of accidentally format data on their phones. Last week, one of my friends just did that and lost some of those very important files on his Samsung Galaxy Ace. And this is not the first time to lose data by improper operations; he also deleted some videos he took at his girlfriend's birthday party by clicking "Delete" button. I still remember how upset he was at that time. I don't want to see his disappointing face again this time, so I decide to find a way to help him recover all the data from his Samsung Galaxy Ace on Mac.
March 26, 2014

[Galaxy S4 Recovery for Mac]: Recover Lost Videos from Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 on Mac

Samsung Galaxy S4 is already been wildly used among the world. It is an amazing device that brings people a lot of enjoyments and new experience of high technology. The most attractive function of Samsung Galaxy S4 is that users can download music and videos anytime and anywhere. And this smartphone's large storage allows users to save as much as data they want. So people might store a lot of stuff on the phone even without notice they did that. When they accidentally delete those videos, they will feel panic and lost, because of lacking of ideas how to recover deleted videos from your Galaxy S4.
March 24, 2014

Easy Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from Sony Xperia on Mac

Smartphone might be convenient, but one single touch on the wrong place can also easily delete your data on the phone. I bet a lot of people had accidentally deleted photos or videos that are very special to them. Nobody wants to lose their memory with their family and friends. For those people keep important data for their job, it would be really disaster if the data are missing.