Have you ever encountered this kind of situation that some important files are removed from your hard disk or an external drive? You are crazy to find those special files are missing suddenly without any warning. Maybe the files are gone due to wrong operation, hard disk failure, virus infection or any other situation. But don't be too nervous, just take it easy. You can get them back as original with the help of two amazing data recovery tools. This article will introduce two kinds of data recovery tools to you and expounds how to deal with the cases of deleted files step-by-step.

Part 1: The function and features of the EaseUs deleted file recovery

The purpose of this software called EaseUs deleted file recovery, is providing the best service to users on any kind of platforms. As a matter of fact, this program is designed to compatible with any devices such as PCs, Mac computers, Flash drives, Memory cards, smart phones and so on. Its interface is user friendly and simple, so that you can use it with no obstacle. It is designed as a wizard to help the user recover the missing data easily.

The advantages of EaseUs Deleted File Recovery
1.It is simple and easy for users.
2.It supports all kinds of deleted data, such as documents, audios, videos, images, archives, emails and so on.
3. It can restore any kind of storage devices, just like SD cards, memory cards and any other hard drives.
4.It is suitable for the system of Mac and Windows

The disadvantages of EaseUs Deleted File Recovery
1. The free version only has a few function
2. It is a bit expensive for the average user

Part 2: The function and features of Wondershare Data Recovery

Another tool helping restore the deleted files is called Wondershare Data Recovery and it is famous in this field of data recovery. It has a very big advantage on the number of function and the quality of user experience. Its versatility is very strong so that it is suitable for any kinds of files ranged from documents, audios files, videos, images, archives, emails, message files and any other types like that. What's more, this tool can recover the files efficiently, especially in the storage device such as SD cards, memory cards, camcorders, flash drives, removable drives or any other hard drives.

In the table below, we will compare the two kinds of software in several ways, just like speed, price and even supported platform, devices or file types.

The ways to restore data using Wondershare Data Recovery

You will find it easy to deal with the case of data recovery with using the Wondershare Data Recovery software. What you have to do is following the steps described below.

Step 1: Make sure you have downloaded and installed the software, then open it.
In the beginning, you should download and install this tool. Next, are the steps.
First, download this tool on your laptop or computer simply by surfing the official website on the Internet.

What's more, this program is designed to be compatible with both Windows and Mac system. Its interface is clean and simple so that you can use it with no obstacle. In addition, you can choose to buy the formal version or select to have a free trial. Select a version which its platforms contains Mac and Windows to meet your requirement. The function of the free version is limited, so if necessary, you will have to purchase the official one. You should pay attention to install the software in a memory location except for the position of the files you want to recover from.

Step 2: Mark the option according to your requirements
When you open this application, there are four options in the user interface to be select from.

  • 1. Lost File Recovery Mode
  • 2. Raw Recovery Mode
  • 3. Partition Recovery Mode
  • 4. Resume Recovery Mode

You can choose one for which is most suitable for you according to their guidance. Since you want to restore the deleted files, Lost File Recovery may be your best choice. With this option, it will prompt to you to check the memory location you want to restore the files from. To process further, check and confirm the drive. For some undistinguishable file, it is recommended to use Enable Deep Scan, although it will take more time as expected to do the search. So select the option of Enable Deep Scan and then begin to scan. After the scanning process is completely over, it would display the name, path and quality of the deleted file. So decide which one should be recovered and then mark them as you want. After that, press the Recover button, so that the software will execute this recovery command.

If this mode is failed to solve your problem, you had better try the Raw Recovery Mode.

In this case, you are asked to select the drive you want to recover, then press the Recover button. It will begin to scan, if you choose the option of Scan for Deleted Files.

Generally, the two options mentioned above can solve most problems of the data recovery which are deleted from storage devices. If you want to restore partitions of your drives which contain the lost files, you had better choose the Partition Recovery Mode. Then you should select the disk where you lost files placed in. After that, press the Complete Search or Quick Scan to begin your scanning. You can preview any type of data such as documents, videos, images or emails, before you decide which one to be chosen. And then, press the Recover button.


If you encounter some problems during the process of data recovery, don't be nervous, you still have an option called the Resume Recovery. As it is introduced above, you know which tools can be chosen no matter when and where you meet a data problem. Even so, it is wise for you to backup files in order to minimize the risk of data loss.